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Standard VIP AKC, the nutrient faction of the dog, the standard VIP dog is a class of distinguished guests, but is the size of the mini VIP dog and toy dog no different. But most poodle servant may speak standard poodle and his relatives, is nutrient needs no great differences. Standard poodle to amino acids and protein synthesis of p-isopropyl aniline acid quantity, and sufficient amount of minerals. When there is a lack of physical quantities of the diet, some common anti - when, for example, the skin, mouth and back hair pigment precipitation. If the nutrient composition is very low or retrieve stream header error, will make its back hair color turning orange and the dull, gingival destruction.

Recommended food formula: cereal grains to include wheat and corn, meat to the flow including poultry, fish, pork. Don't feed the beet, soybean, horse meat, beef and its by-products.

The feeding of two mini VIP dog to the nutrition Party of the mini dog dog

The nutrient supply of German native land comes from Schwarzwald area to the Baltic Sea.. Food including fish, poultry, pork, venison, cauliflower, potatoes, wheat and corn. Do not feed any beef, horse meat, soybean, beet pulp, avocado.

Three. The nutrition Party of the toy dog

The researchers found some funny disagreements when the researchers were studying the dietary requirements of the type of VIP dog.. Beef bone meal calcium female can perhaps lead to the toy poodle anorexia, but shell calcium points female form is very suitable for the Arab Israeli who dogs. Palmitate and cod-liver oil in fat soluble vitamin A, and vitamin D is also very suitable. But don't feed the vegetables with no beta carotene.. You may determine the digestive and nutrient status of the dog by observing the skin and mouth tissue of the toy dog..

The toy dog has a mere French outside France, and is being local, raising the extra carbohydrate to be higher than the other two class of VIP dog hair flow - German north. Recommended food: meat and flax, wheat, oats, sugar beet, corn. Don't feed the rice, soybean or avocado.