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Elderly people keep dogs in order to find a companion, looking for some fun. Since it is looking for a companion, will have to find a suitable for their own personality, hobbies and habits, only in this way can I amused myself, will not go back to its tired.

We know that there are hundreds of pet dog types, their personalities are also different, there are naughty, lively, like the big sports, but also quiet, elegant, do not need too much exercise. The pet's character and master the more similar, gets along with the more harmoniously, the master and the pet affection easier to raise. Ready to feed the dog before, may wish to look at books about dogs and kinds of habit is introduced and other related knowledge, will choose the answers.

Some elderly people with weak constitutions, close to the host dogs for, because such a dog to master attachment strong, scope of activities is always around the master's side, more obedient, let the master always feel attention and need to be.

Dogs large, medium and small. Small dog weight is lighter, less food, easy to carry and management, and feeding low cost, more suitable for the elderly.

When choosing a dog, the old man should pay attention to the length of hair.. Short haired dog easy cleaning and carding, suitable for the elderly. And the shaggy dog need to bathe regularly and carefully combed, like to dress up dog grooming older people can derive great pleasure.

A leg disease of the elderly, need to be careful when walking the dog, don't let the dog rope wrapped his legs and feet, in order to avoid tripping. Go out when the dog, the best choice for a quiet place. Because the dog in noisy environment, easy to be agitated and frightened, over excited, even running behavior may cause the occurrence of unexpected events.

Please note, raising puppies than feeding adult dogs are more likely to cultivate dog's loyalty to his master, the dog's life habit is easy to tune. However, the dog immunity is poor, need to do the work of nursing and epidemic prevention, lest sick.

In short, the choice of dogs suited to their own, the pleasure is far greater than the hard work for the care of the dog, believe that the dogs are deep experience. The old man who likes a dog might as well try it..