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HOME >> NEWS >> Let your dog learn to be alone.

Office workers live fast, there are also many from the work of the pressure and trouble. The lively and lovely animals can make people happy, relaxed, effective relieve pressure, promote physical and mental health, and thus keeping pets become popular decompression good way. A lot of people raise a puppy to enrich the life, to meet the feelings of comfort, release.

Because of the daily work, but also overtime and socializing, and can not be accompanied by pets day and day. As the host, you may because of the lovely dog alone at home and feel guilty, may also worry about it is biting things, or because of intolerable loneliness and barking, sobbing, influence to the surrounding neighbors. If you come home to find the house is a mess, there is toilet, would you punch it up or it flat meal? If these phenomena, indicating that the dog is not to be alone, you may wish to try the following methods, is it dispel loneliness and solitude.

Gentle exchange method

Scientists believe that although many animals are higher than the IQ of dogs, but in the words and deeds, emotional expression and even the understanding, no other animals can exceed the dog. Therefore, communication with the dog is not only necessary but also very effective.

Before going out, you have to let go of your attitude and tell it where you want to go. It's waiting at home, and tell it that you'll take it out to play when you get home, and that you'll have a good food reward.. If possible, leave it some delicious snacks, or put your dog's favorite food on the toy bone or dog bite glue.. Good at understanding the human dog will get a lot of comfort from the exchange.

Cultivation confidence method

A dog with a strong confidence is not prone to anxiety.. You can always as well as the dog do more games, fully praise and praise it in the game's outstanding performance, and enhance its self-confidence.

Slow separation

Give it a snack and then come back after a few minutes.. Although only a short, but the dog still jumped like a reunion. , elongated of gradual separation of time, one day left the house many times, until the dog bother your comings and goings, without separation effect so far.

Excess motion method

Before you go out, you can take the dog to the outdoor sports, so that it consumes too much physical. This dog back home would be more tired, want to lie down and then sleep.

Attention transfer method

Can give it a piece of old clothes or socks that you smell, and the familiar smell will make it feel like you're still with it, it will feel safe.. Often give the dog some fun toys, so that it focus on the energy to play, so that restless mood has been transferred, forget alone. The toy that can sound is very good..

In short, often communicate with dogs, the you feel with its share to encourage it, praise to it, is helpful to cultivate harmony between you and a close relationship, promote the physical and mental health, to make it fully enjoy alone in the home is fun.