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Studies have shown that, perennial in IQ champion group of the border collie, poodle, the golden retriever and breed, most need to hear new instructions, will be able to understand the master's meaning and easy to remember, and in the master again issued a directive, the probability to follow them up to 95%. It can be said that training them is an easy thing. And those "unfortunate" into the "slow" (such as the Shar Pei, dachshund, Shih Tzu and other) players and challenges not only to master the patience, always in a state of "slower" they often persist one's old ways, so that the owner has a headache unceasingly. For the latter, whether the choice completely laissez faire it - never a good idea. To know that the lack of training of the dog will not only be trained, it is not intelligent development, will become more stupid. For the dog that IQ is not excellent, the master of experience should follow five training principles.:

1. "Learning" location of the election room: in the beginning of training stupid dog, the best choice is easy to let them feel at ease, to concentrate on the indoor environment, if outdoors is easier to other dogs or interference thing and get twice the result with half the effort.

2. Instruction to be consistent: at the beginning of the training, to stupid dog commands or gestures to a single, such as gestures indicating dogs, don't and give the password, avoid it I do not know the look in military or listen to the sound, finally flummoxed. And every day the best, the same place at the same time, step by step to give it training, because most stupid dog prefer expected, so a fixed pattern, step by step ring

Exit, consistent instructions to them most used, acceptance is higher.

3. Take it to the "social": for the stupid dog, want to let it learn more skills, must not be of the "block" in a certain environment, the so-called "three dog, there must be my teacher", bring it to go outside for a walk, let it see other dogs "interpersonal" attitude, its competitiveness will brighten unconsciously from imitation, and became more confident.

4. Strengthening exercises: for the dog, strong physique is to enhance the intelligence, sports can let them have more abundant energy, and keep your mind awake and flexible, on what is happening to make more reasonable and correct responses, ordered the brain development better, smarter.

5 to encourage it: even the stupid dog is a self-esteem oh. Do not because the dog learning ability is not good on the corporal punishment it, and more prepared for some dogs like small snacks, when it performs a good when it gives it a little encouragement. In addition, the "reward" best into small components, a little bit to a dog, so to avoid eating too much.