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HOME >> NEWS >> 2021 China's pet industry market status and development trend forecast analysis

China Business Intelligence Network News: Pets generally refer to dogs, cats, freshwater aquarium fish, birds, reptiles, etc., that are raised in the family and used as companion animals. The pet industry has a history of more than one hundred years of development in developed countries, and pet-related industries are very mature. The domestic pet industry started relatively late, but with the improvement of people’s economic level, the change of ideology, the aging of the population and the growth of single and DINK groups, keeping pets has become a kind of emotional sustenance for people, and people get warmth and warmth from pets. Accompanying, the pet economy develops rapidly.

Data show that the scale of China's urban pet (dog and cat) consumption market will reach 206.5 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 2% over 2019. From the perspective of pet categories, the pet dog consumption market was 118 billion yuan, a decrease of 5.1% from 2019; the pet cat consumption market was 88.4 billion yuan, an increase of 13.3% from 2019.

From the perspective of pet consumption structure, pet food consumption is the largest pet expenditure; pet diagnosis and treatment, pet supplies have the fastest growth rate. Pet food consumption (main food, snacks, nutritional products) accounted for the highest proportion of the entire pet consumption structure, reaching 54.7%; among the sub-categories, pet diagnosis and treatment and pet supplies were the two categories with the fastest growth in consumption.

development trend

1. Online retail promotes further expansion of the industry

In recent years, online and mobile sales have also achieved rapid development. Data shows that during the 2020 epidemic, Taobao pet live broadcasts increased by 375% year-on-year, and the number of viewers exceeded 1 million per day. Live e-commerce has upgraded the consumption pattern of pets, and the online pet retail market has expanded, which has promoted the development of the industry. In the future, with the development of technologies such as the Internet and 5G, online retail will be further upgraded, and the pet industry will continue to expand.

2. The difference in product positioning becomes more obvious

Retailers in different channels will choose different product ranges and product positioning. Traditional supermarkets and discount stores will choose typical low-end and high-selling pet products, while professional pet retail stores will provide a full range of pet products including food, bed mats, cat climbing frames, toys, and cleaning supplies. In the future, the differences in product positioning of retailers from different sales channels will become more apparent.