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Dogs are one of the closest companions of mankind. Healthy dogs have a lot of knowledge, Italian scientists recently, but the study found that dog wagging tail can actually reflect their mood at the time, left swing that they feel fear, swing to the right indicates that they feel very excited.

In the latest published a "Current Biology" magazine, Trieste, Italy, University Professor, a zoologist jioke - Vello Teague La announced the his latest research results. Jioke - Weiluotigela said dog swing tail movements is definitely not just a kind of their instinct, in fact, this is their language. Although different types of dogs, the shape and size of their tails vary, but their tail movements can express the same meaning. In the trial, the researchers found that the direction of the dog's tail was closely related to their mood.. When they feel excited, or are willing to close to a person or thing, they more will will swing their tails to the right, and when they feel fear, frightened or want to escape, they will be the tail to the left direction swing.

Jioke - Weiluotigela said in the long years of trial, researchers were chosen to 30 dogs as the experimental object. Of the 15 male dogs, the other 15 are female, and the age of the dog is between 1 and 6 years old.. The researchers first placed the dogs in a square box and then covered a black opaque plastic layer to prevent them from looking out.. Later, the researchers began to make different people and animals appear on the side of the box, and these people and animals can see the test dogs. The animals and animals are the masters of the dog, the stranger, a stronger strange dog and a kitten.. When the animals appeared in the sight of the dogs in the dogs, they began to swing their tails in the direction of the tail, and showed some regularity..

The researchers found that when the dog's master appeared on the side of the box, the dog seemed to be very excited, it kept beating, and forced to the right swing their tails. When the stranger and the kitten appears in the dog's line of sight, the dog also can the right shake own tail, but the swing strength actually has the big difference, the swinging strength gradually reduces. When the researchers put a 4 year old strong male Belgian shepherd dogs into the line of sight, test the dog immediately appear very frightened, then began to keep to the left swing their tails, when the Belgian Shepherd left the line of sight of the dog experiment, it gradually returned to normal. The researchers also found that the dog's tail was closely related to their sense of smell and health.. The dog's tail swing frequency reflects the dog's health and the degree of excitement, swing faster, show that the more excited and health, swing slowly that the although there is excitement, but health is poor.

Jioke - Weiluotigela said "in the previous study, zoologists also found the tail wagging the dog to reflect the other emotions, if a dog is very happy, then its tail is usually horizontal swing, and the swing width. If the dog's tail high tilt, and only at the end of the tail swing, then the dog is certainly ready to launch an attack.

After the new results, scientists is expected to successfully developed a magical dog emotion measurement instrument, through the dog's tail swing state were measured, accurately determine the dog's mood. The main part of the dog's mood meter is a sensor that can be tied to a dog's tail.. The instrument can carry out real-time analysis of the specific details of the dog tail swing, including speed, direction and swing curve, so as to judge the mood of the dog."